We have seen how emerging design trends in 2019 are shifting the general taste when it comes to home interiors. The thing is, public places are no different. 2019 seems to have a similar impact on the aesthetics of high-traffic spaces. Most prominently, the specific hues and colors among this year's restaurant interior design trends, which are relevant to nowadays lifestyle.

If you are a restaurant owner, it's important to understand how the colors and style of your dining space affect your customers. And sometimes, it's worth staying up-to-date with what's popular to boost your profits.

Here's a list of 2019 restaurant interior design trends that will help you achieve that:

1- Sustainability: the new mantra

Sustainability: the new mantra

Fortunately, the number of industry professionals who are realizing the need to build sustainable places is increasing every year. Today, more restaurant owners feel it's their responsibility to incorporate elements made with recyclable materials into their establishments, and you should too! Such elements include recycled wood, bamboo, cork, and natural decorations.

Another clever solution to guarantee sustainability, help save space, and reduce unnecessary costs is compact, multi-function furniture. With the current trend being Reduce, reuse, and recycle, it's easier than ever to find your perfect collection of non-traditional restaurant seating that you can adapt and change depending on your needs.

2- Green décor

Green décor
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With the high pressure of claustrophobic modern living, many of us would love to retreat back to nature from time to time. This year, commercial designers have this in mind, and it's reflected in the urban jungles currently emerging in restaurants.

When we talk about green décor, we don't only mean a few potted plants scattered here and there. We mean actual living green walls and plant motifs everywhere from wallpaper to tablecloths.

3- Warm colors and rich tones

Warm colors and rich tones
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You're probably looking for ways to make your dining space more cozy and welcoming. Look no further, this 2019 interior design trend is here to provide your restaurant with that and more.

The hype now is about warmer color schemes, rich tones, and Boho-inspired patterns. Say goodbye to neutrals and all-white walls that have lingered for so long, and welcome dark greens, pewter, mustard, and bold patterns. All of these are sure to give your customers a warm dining experience that will keep them coming back for more ;)

A unique décor with vibrant colors also play a major role in creating what is now called Instagrammable décor. It's 2019 and the first thing millennials would have in mind when planning a brunch or friends' night out is a restaurant that has a real Instagram potential. Therefore, if you'd like your restaurant to be attractive to younger customers, make sure your dining space is photogenic enough.

4- Communal Eating

Communal Eating
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Have you ever thought of creating a dining space for your customers to sit and eat together at one table? This is not a dinner feast invitation but what our 2019 dining experience is coming to.

Many restaurants aim to enhance their social atmosphere by using open tables for their guests to eat and spend time together. No doubt, this is an interesting seating option for those who love to mix with others as much as they love a good meal.

5- Isolated Togetherness

Isolated Togetherness
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In contrast to communal eating, some people prefer to have a more solitary experience. Ironically, there are those who want to enjoy a crowded restaurant while still have the opportunity to eat or work alone at peace.

This is an increasing phenomenon called isolated togetherness, and it's affecting restaurant design choices in 2019 among other commercial establishments. One example is the bar-into-restaurant model which provides visitors with access to food and a nice place to spend time alone.

06- Open Kitchens

Open Kitchens
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With many concerns about hygiene and safety conditions, the demand for more food transparency is building up this year. On the other hand, a lot of customers are interested in how their food is being prepared. They want to see the ingredients, hear the sizzling sound, and smell the aroma of spices.

For this reason, restaurants worldwide are choosing to open their kitchens through a modern design language that places the kitchen on view to all. Chipotle and Domino's Pizza are currently topping the list of restaurants adopting this concept.

The world is changing, and restaurant interior design trends are constantly being adjusted to reflect this change. Therefore, to maintain a competitive business in the industry, you must keep up with what's expected by customers in 2019.

Will any of these trends be on your remodeling list for this year? Let us know in the comments!

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