All great ideas were born small and all successful companies were once a startup.

What truly defines a successful project is the ability to shed light on real, day-to-day issues along with innovative methods to deal with these issues. At DezynCle, this is precisely what we are trying to do. We have both the problem and the solution, and we want you all to be a part of our solution!

A week before the launch of DezynCle, I had the opportunity to sit with one of the co-founders. I had already prepared all the important questions regarding DezynCle's background and purpose. So if you were wondering, you can find all the answers you are looking for here!

What is DezynCle all about?

DezynCle is a contest-based crowdsourcing platform and a collaborative community where professionals (designers, contractors, brands, and suppliers) can offer their services to the widest scope of interested clients. But not only that, members can build connections, interact with the community, grow their businesses, and get updated with all new trends in the industry.

Where did DezynCle idea come from?

It all started when we realized the increasing need for more architects and architectural designers in the market. This, added to the issue of high fees and limited options, left the ordinary person with a choice between a broken bank and a sloppy design for their place. It was high time we have come up with an all-rounder solution to address these issues. We had to come up with an original concept, and so came the idea of DezynCle.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this project?

We are keen to build a large multinational community of happy service providers and recipients. It's a place for all those with a taste for, or an interest in, architecture or interior design in general.

What barriers have you encountered in the past that made you take this step?

As a contributing partner in many architecture firms in Dubai, I can say that the main problem was providing affordable contracting services to our clients. At times, we were unable to go further with specific designs because we couldn't find the right contractor with the right tender. And because we believe that creating dream places entails both a skilled designer and a professional contractor, it was important to incorporate contracting as an essential step into the platform.

Another major barrier was finding the perfect furniture and finishing products. Every now and then, we would undertake the strenuous task of looking for specific pieces or materials in too many places; physical and online. Sometimes, that took so much time and effort and caused us and our clients so much frustration. Now, I'm proud to say the DezynCle is the one-stop-shop with thousands of products offered on the site by hundreds of brands and retailers from all around the world.


Why is this project so important?

There are very few projects with a similar concept out there, and probably none with the range of services and opportunities available on the platform. This makes DezynCle the optimal, long-awaited architectural solution for the market and the individuals alike.

What are the project's greatest assets?

Our precious community is definitely the project's greatest asset! DezynCle is all about the community.

How much risk are you willing to take in order to achieve success?

This project has been in planning for many years and we've already taken a high risk by investing so much into the pre-launching phase. We believe in the importance and the value of having a community and will do whatever it takes to make our journey a successful one.

What will the success of this project mean to you?

It will mean that we have all succeeded as a community and made a true difference in how people interact and work together in the architecture and building industry.

If you are reading those lines, you're most probably a part of our unfolding story. Thank you for being here!

Now that you can see the full picture, are you more excited about the future? What does being a member of DezynCle mean to you? And what recommendations do you have for improving the site? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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