Artistic Bold Office

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Artistic Bold Office
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Interior Design: 41 - 110m2


Office type
Size 79 Sq.m
Use: Marketing consultancy
Level: 14
Location: Dubai, JLT.
Status: Built, empty from inside.

Spaces required: Reception desk, meeting room for 5 people, meeting lounge (preferably closed), open space workstation for 6 desks with small pantry & library, closed office for the manager (one desk, one small meeting table).
Style: fresh, modern, contemporary, inspired by raw materials, has a design touch, unique, not expensive.
Floor to ceiling height 3.1M.
Our budget includes furniture.

  • 1st prize 2293.8AED

  • 2nd prize 917.5AED

  • 3rd prize 458.8AED

  • 4th prize 321.1AED

  • 5th prize 137.6AED

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