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Lounge space
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Interior Design: 41 - 110m2


After launching a contest to design the annex house next to my villa as an office in upper level and gym in lower level, I decided to change the office to a lounge area for friends; please see the contest https://dezyncle.com/en/designs/submission/work-workout-house/submissions/mohamad-habib

I am looking to change the ground level into a friend’s lounge, trendy, comfortable, and contemporary.

It is the place where I can hang out with my friends, have some drinks, play games, watch a movie and have fun. It should include a Bar area, stools, seating area, and a large TV connected to a playstation console.

I am open to designers’ ideas as well. The place should be creative, luxury with a nice experience, contemporary and minimalistic.


  1. Idea/concept/insperation. 
  2. Floor plan colored
  3. Perspectives
  4. W.C perspective and space planning
  5. Material selection
  6. Furniture selection ( preferable italyan designs ) 
  • 1st prize 2202AED

  • 2nd prize 917.5AED

  • 3rd prize 688.1AED

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