Sky Party Terrace

dubai - JBR , United Arab Emirates

Sky Party Terrace
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Rabee Saleh

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  • dubai - JBR , United Arab Emirates

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Landscaping: 41 - 110m2


We need to include, seating area, BBQ, bar, pergola, dancing area.
The terrace is for my private penthouse on 40th floor. I am a single bachelor, I love lighting, simplicity, parties, contrast, and friends.
The design should be suitable for the hot weather in Dubai. I would also like the floor to be raised close to the glass parapet to enjoy the view.
Note: the glass parapet and the outer walls must not be changed. (glass height is 115 cm and the parapet wall below the glass is 50 cm)

  • 1st prize 350USD

  • 2nd prize 140USD

  • 3rd prize 70USD

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