Unique Apartment in "The 118": Dubai Downtown

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Unique Apartment in "The 118": Dubai Downtown
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Basic make over: 451 - 700m2


This apartment is THE most unique apartment in the most sought after, luxurious tower in Dubai. It is a true representation of what Dubai Luxury is. Situated in Dubai Downtown.

 The 118 tower is truly remarkable, hence the interior should be nothing less than breathtaking. 

If we were to describe our vision in one statement, it would be: contemporary, luxurious manhattan penthouse. The overall mood should be urban chic.

You'll need to provide a variety of lighting solutions, such as indirect (recessed and torchiere floor lamps) and direct. The cutting edge design should be highlighted in the choice of art, especially wall art.Art is a big part of adding sophistication to our space. This doesn’t just mean hanging things on your walls.

The terrace is remarkable: impressive size and jaw dropping views. The design should highlight this feature with creative ways to turn it into an outdoor sanctuary good enough for entertaining guests or for an afternoon watching the sunset.

The bedrooms should be elegantly comfortable, neutral colors and highlighted by the art pieces selected.

The dining table should be a 12 to 14 seater.

Required Submissions: Conceptual look and feel Colored Floor Plan including furniture placement Mood Board for every room

No furniture list is required at this stage, only the winner will provide it after being selected.

Open furniture brand selection from any brand available in Dubai. Some of the brands to consider: https://www.theone.com/


http://iddesign.com/ ebarza.com




Plants and artworks from:




Some ideas that we like, ( you do not have to use these exact ones, but we are giving you an idea of our preference): Electric fireplace for the outdoor area

Unique pool table


Art installations and sculptures

  • 1st prize 3161.1AED

  • 2nd prize 1289.4AED

  • 3rd prize 727.9AED

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