Boulevard point in Downtown Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Boulevard point in Downtown Dubai
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Basic make over: 156 - 185m2


This apartment is a family home the heart of Dubai Downtown in a luxurious tower.

It is a spacious 2-bedroom with a large outdoor area which is quite unique in the area. What we want to achieve is an upscale look, comfortable enough with a touch of character that gives the space a unique and memorable feel. We want a homey feel with clean lines but touches of character and a few pops of color. 

Requirements are Limited to the following:

• Furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories selection. (mattresses not included in the budget). 

• Wall paintings or wall papers subject to designer vision and only if needed. 

• Outdoor furniture, lighting, plants and accessories selection, designer may suggest adding artificial grass to the outdoor area

 • Bathrooms and kitchens design is limited to add accessories and artwork.

Selection has to be made from the following brands:

Overall mood: We prefer a transitional decor style because it borrows from both traditional and modern design to facilitate a space that’s not “too much,” in terms of one style or another. We would want to include relatively neutral color palettes, creating a calming and relaxed space that manages to feel both stylish and sleek, as well as warm and inviting. The design should be thoughtful, keeping in mind the needs of family members for extra comfort.


We want to add character with our decorative objects and accessories in line with our overall objective of each space. We can also consider changing wall colors and wall paper to add individuality and character to the rooms.

Our accent items need to show personality and add a statement without being too imposing. It is advisable to mix up textures and patterns. 

We want the lighting to be an element that can transform the mood to suit the various needs.

Beautiful rugs are also essential in bringing the space together, we want to ensure these are placed in the correct places to add some warmth.

Wall paintings are also essential to be included.

Plants are also essential, but we will be using artificial plants - please include in the selection.

Color Palette: Main: Neutral Beige and Greys Accents, olive green, Black, White, Rose gold, Copper; Open for recommendations. No flashy colors.

Things to avoid:

Cluttering the space Religious or ethnic items


Competition Instructions: 

Submission details: 

We have attached a reference powerpoint to guide you. This is what is required as a submission for the firt phase. Submission deadline is 21/07/2020 at midnight UAE time.  This submission includes a detailed mood board including the furniture selected for every room (following the presentation style suggested in our attached document DezynCle presentaion template. No pricing or detailed furniture list is required at this stage - keeping in mind the budget provided. 

After the winner selection: 

The 1st winner will be contacted to apply one set of changes based on the client's feedback and proceed with the detailed shopping be provided as per the attached DezynCle templete-Project Price list. 

  • 1st prize 1765.5AED

  • 2nd prize 719.5AED

  • 3rd prize 406AED

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