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Work & Workout house
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Interior Design: 41 - 110m2


I am looking to build a small building close to my villa; the building is for a private underground gym and an office at the ground level. The architect has the architecture drawings and i am looking for the interior concept. Requirements: Underground: GYM: the gym has to include exercise bike, free weights, TV, power tower, treadmill, benches, and floor area for Yoga. Also, a shower/bathroom with small pantry. The Gym is open to an underground garden with glass, so the designer has to provide a proper layout and work on natural lighting. Ground level: The Office has to include: Large desk, seating area, library, TV, Maybe a pool table, bathroom with shower and pantry (coffee, etc). The office is almost fully glazed with 360 view. designer can change/suggest alternative space planning for the bathroom if it works with the gym. Design Style: fresh, modern, contemporary, inspired by raw materials, unique. Please see the references I like. Requirements: 1- Floor plans 2- Concept idea. 3- Renderings showing the spaces. 4- Section (diagrams). 5- Finishes proposal.

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