When was the last time you visited an architectural design firm? Was it a good experience? Were you satisfied with your design and the whole process? In this article, we will give you a number of reasons why you should hire a freelance architect to implement your next project:

Choose your preferred designer:

Choose your preferred designer

With freelancer platforms, you have hundreds of detailed profiles at your disposal.

You can check their portfolio, asses the work they have submitted and read the reviews left by previous clients.

This will allow you to pinpoint the exact type of talent that will best suit your project and taste.

End up with a design you actually like:

End up with a design you actually like

No one likes to be stuck with a design they don't like, especially when they have already paid for it.

Freelance architects and designers have more flexibility to change and adapt designs than large firms. They are also not working in a rigid environment which always gives more room for creativity.

Establish better communication:

Establish better communication

Freelancers can manage their own time and are more willing to spend the required number of hours to coordinate with you. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to express the design you want more efficiently and with greater precision. 

Get the best value for your money:

Get the best value for your money

By simply comparing the price ranges of freelancers to design firms, you wouldn't need much convincing in this area.

Although large firms were the only option a while back, it is becoming increasingly easy for designers to work as freelancers, thus saving them (and you) money.

Did you know that the price you pay for a design submitted by a firm includes many baked in expenses (which can be substantial!)?

With freelancers, pay for what you get!

Have a quick turnaround:

Get quick turnaround

A special characteristic of freelance work, in general, is the ability to have your work performed within a narrow timeframe. With this, you no longer have to wait weeks to see the initial drafts of the proposal. One of the main upsides of working with a freelancer is getting quick and timely delivery.

Explore new ways of design:

Explore new ways of design

It is now possible to work with some of the most talented designers internationally. Although local designers are great, it's always enriching to get a fresh perspective from talent based in other countries. Their sources of inspiration are different and might give you ideas you never thought possible!

Now that you have read the above, do you think it is better to hire a freelance architect? Or do you still insist that a recognized design firm in your area will do a better job? Let us know in the comments section!

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