The Private Sanctuary

dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Private Sanctuary
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Ismail Ha

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Interior Design: 41 - 110m2


Nestled in an exclusive residential area in Dubai, our home is classy and elegant. What we are looking is to remodel 2 bedrooms into one master suite bedroom , which serves as a private sanctuary to a sophisticated, glamorous woman.

Nothing is too opulent for this room. We are looking for a grand feeling while keeping a modern edge, a smart revisiting of the space planning as well as high end finishes and furniture.

This area has to include the following:

  • Sleeping area
  • Makeup and grooming area
  • Walk in Closet
  • Bathroom ( keep the W.C and the basin in the bathroom existing location) but you may suggest Standalone bathtub in the room 
  • Resting Area with TV

We are open for color suggestions but are mainly inclined towards neutral and elegant colors.

This is a full interior design project hence renders are required.

The height of the room is 4.5 M hence you can be creative doing the ceiling.

I didn't place any actual picture of the space because i want designers to feel free to change everything, Flooring, Ceiling, Walls, partitions. as long as you work withing the outside walls; and keep the W.C in the bathroom location.

I have placed a proposal that i liked, however i am open to more proposals. I like to have an instagramable corners :)

I would need:

  • Floor plan
  • mood board
  • materials selection
  • visuals in all spaces
  • section
  • 1st prize 2202AED

  • 2nd prize 825.8AED

  • 3rd prize 412.9AED

  • 4th prize 275.3AED

  • 5th prize 91.8AED

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